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I don't know if some of you people have heard by now, but I just found out. Texas World Speedway is closing it's doors for good ending March; or around that time since there won't be any events taking place after March. Apparently it's going to be turned into a residential area, used for College Station etc.

What I also found out is there will be "The Final Roundup" at TWS March 27-29, to say farewell to the track.

"Join Track Guys, Mustang Club of America and SMC Events as we say goodbye with a party like no other. From on-track driving, a massive car show, a poker run, catered dinner and more, this will be an event NOT to be missed!"

Something else I heard is that Ford is sending the new GT350 and Jim Owens to speak.

Texas World Speedway Management Responds To Rumors Of Track's Future

Why Texas World Speedway Must Be Saved

The Final Roundup

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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