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Thanks for all the help and support :)

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Really appreciate all the support and ideas thrown my way on here since joining up last February (hard to believe its been slightly over a year since ordering my car).
As you may have noticed...Slimer has changed alot since coming home...especially with the latest mods. No way im slowing down...more to come...same Mustang Time, same Mustang Channel...LOL
courtesy of one of our members here, LED's in headlights and undercar lighting, RTR chin spoiler, Roush upper grille (maybe the lower later when have the $$$), and refreshing the brake paint and the whels just in time for show season. Hope to see many of you at either the Charlotte autofair in April or Mustang Week! Cheers!:headbang:

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She looks more awesome every time I see her. I can definitely say that " SLIMER " is the best..... No not best! The very best looking Mustang on ME I've seen.

Congratulations brother.
Congrats brotha..welcome to the club!! :)
thank you Maldog! appreciate it NJ...been here since last year..but enjoying every minute of it :)

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????? 'she'.....naw.....Slimer is definitely a 'he'...just saying...LOL
Outside looks totally done and perfect.

I would suggest that you spend the next big bucks on stuff like Brembo Brakes, stainless brake lines, and dressing up the engine.

Your Slimer looks sooooo good I can't really see doing anything else to change the look's.

ronnie...big bucks are spent (carbon fiber, and the interior work that's coming)..bye bye tax $$$
Brembo's last on list...want to add/modify my own version of brake cooling while nose is off....just have to wait and see
Thanks Guys!
beside what you see Ronnie, brake and battery covers waiting to be installed. got just right amount of green / black here...

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might have radiator cover airbrushed...not sure with what yet...
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Thank you Corey!
you look into that last question I sent you....?
Bro slimer is the best looking mustang around. Big props man it looks sick!!! Keep it up!!!
Thank you Corey!
you look into that last question I sent you....?
Sent u a message back
Thanks Oh2...I appreciate it.
hmmm.....well Dallas...lets round up shall we...
im gonna say 3400 in mods so far (got a real good deal from trufiber on all the carbon fiber..especially since the plate section and spoiler are super new..they wanted free advertising LOL)..... and with 2000 more about to happen....(LEDs / Interior / Headlight mods)
See ...if i'd bought a GT (wasnt happening with the mpg factor) would have had much to play with and the car payment. :)

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yes sir..thanks Corey
Thanks! the decals you see where a favor from a business I know....I just had to install, the rest...good ol eBay or American Muscle...the deals are everywhere...
been a long road for 'Slimer' since 4/25/2012.......from Day 1..the fun began....sigh

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So sick. So tasteful. You definitely set the curve.
Thank you :)
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