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The Official Body Kit Listing Thread *Updated 7/14*

Welcome to the Official Body Kit Listing Thread. Brent asked me awhile back to a listing of all the body kits available for the Mustang generations. It's just a listing of pictures and names for now. Later on I will add a the material it is made out of and a general price range through most retailers. I'll add more more body kits as they become available. Please do not make posts in this thread. It will just add to the confusion later on. ;) If you want more information about a kit either PM me or post a thread about it.

Your Favorite Ricer,
- Dom


*GD2 Conversion Kit

Concept X Body Kit

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Saleen Body Kit

Erebuni Invader Shogun Style 411

S-2000 Conversion

Note :: There are two different styles of this kit. One kit shown is from The kit differs.

Black Widow Cobra

Challenger Kit

Battle Blitz Kit

R34 Front Bumper

Xenon Ground Effects

Dech Kit

Note :: The ground effects kit is now out of production. Dech went out of business 4 years ago.

Erebuni Invader Shogun Stlye 659

Kaminari Areodynamic Kit

Note :: Exhaust modification needed.

Cervini's Stalker Kit

Cobra R Conversion

Scorpion Kit

Xenon 306 Ground Effects

Razzi Body Kit
New style comming soon!

OEM Cobra Front Fascia

Roush Ground Effects

Wings West Ground Effects


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Saleen Body Kit

Erebuni Invader Shogun 411 Body Kit

Black Widow II Body Kit

Black Widow II Cobra Body Kit

Razzi Ground Effects

Side exhaust also available with Borla exhaust system.

Challenger Body Kit

Xenon Ground Effects

Octane R34 Front Bumper

1994-1998 Pictured but, available for 1999-2004

Battle Blitz Front Bumper
Pictures comming soon!

APC Demon Body Kit

Kaminari USA Body Kit

Kaminari USA Ground Effects

*Evo 5 Front Bumper

Cobra R Body Kit

Roush Body Kit

Roush Ground Effects

Steeda Front Clip

Xenon Style 184 Body Kit

CDC Ground Effects w/Side Exhaust

Cervini's Stalker Body Kit

Boss Shinoda (Chin Spoiler, Rear Wing, & Decals)

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