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Really? I found my 05 gt in one day just going around town looking for mustangs for sale. Had 51k on it and had one owner got it for 15k
I'm sure you weren't nearly as picky as I was. :D
My criteria:
1. Mineral Grey or DSG
2. 5 speed. No exceptions.
2a. MUST be a TR-3650, I don't want that T5/45 piece of sh1t. It's the floppiest, most worthless shifter I have ever driven.
2b. That means it has to be made from after April 6, 2001 to 2004.
3. I will not buy an anniversary edition, I hate the emblems and stupid decals/extras they have.
4. <$10k
5. Coupe, I will not accept a vert because I don't feel like buying and installing full length SFCs and panhard bars to get rid of the twist and tire hop.
6. 1-owner car and I get to personally meet the owner and watch him drive the car so I can gauge how good of a driver he is and have an idea about what I'm getting into. My PO liked to slam the clutch down to shift, I had to replace the clutch, TOB, and pilot bearing within a month, but that's okay because I ***** him down on the price because of that.
7. Car must be mechanically sound or at the very least sound enough that I can fix it in a weekend.

Long sort short, the pickier you are, the more frustrating it is.

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Still to answer his question. If you treat it very well and change everything when it needs to be. 200k is achievable.
These mod motors are bulletproof as long as you don't go out and beat them every day.
I know of a handful that are closing in on 300k with only routine maintenance and minor replacements like alternators.

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Don't get discouraged man! I think everyone on here can say they got "lucky" when finding and purchasing their current car, so it'll happen eventually. Definitely do not buy one on a whim because you will regret it later for sure.

My list was pretty wide open for the most part. I was open to any color pretty much because my previous 3 cars were black so I wanted something different (even though I got black again haha)

I wanted a 2005-2009 GT, 5 speed, shaker 1000, leather, 18" wheels, no sunroof, under 75K miles and completely stock or the only addition Hurst shifter. Ended up finding a 2006 5 speed, shaker 1000, red leather, 18" polished Bullitts, no sunroof, Hurst shifter and actually had some of the exact mods I wanted to do to it and was going to purchase right away already done to it so I figured, why not?

It had been traded in the Saturday before I saw it on a dealer's website on a Tuesday and I bought it that Thursday.

It's all timing, you'll luck out eventually.
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