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September 25-28, 2008

The Shelby Bullrun Challenge
West Texas.

The Shelby Bullrun Challenge September 25-28

On September 25-28, Carroll Shelby and Bill Neale will host The Shelby Bullrun Challenge to celebrate the rebirth of the famous Terlingua Racing Team. The event will take place out in West Texas and will revolve around the Terlingua legend. “We created the Shelby Terlingua Racing Team so our small group of rebels could have some real fun,” said Shelby. “Now, I’m inviting a new generation to return with me for a weekend they’ll always remember.”

The event is open to anyone with an original Shelby vehicle (including a Cobra, Series 1, GT350, GT500, Shelby GT, Dodge GL-H, Tiger, etc.), a Ford GT, or Mustang. The event will consist of a challenging 350 mile rally, an open road 12 mile time trial, a competitive driving course on an airstrip, and a 1/2 mile drag race in the Big Bend area. Other activities will include a car show, hole-in-one golf competition, Texas “shootout”, chili cook off, and autograph sessions with Mr. Shelby. Man-oh-man, I need to start packing for this one.

The price for the event is $2,500 and includes a stay at the Lajitas Resort, all meals, drivers’ welcoming dinner, final awards party, charity auction for special Terlingua Shelby memorabilia, and exclusive Team Shelby gifts.
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