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You guy's have probably heard of it, you stick it in your intake and it makes the air flow go from straight to a more curved flow. Or something like that, my brother has been thinking about putting one on his Monte Carlo. Anyhow, I was looking at the site and this guy who has a 1996 V6 Mustang talked about the product.

Hi, my name is Freddy Valenti, and I have a 1996 Mustang 3.8 V6 STEEDA. Before I added the Spiralmax units to my car, I had STEEDA (a high performance Mustang shop in Florida) put a Pro V6 exhaust, K&N air filter, and a hyper chip in my car. My horse power went from 150 (stock) to 180 hp. It wasn't until I moved from Florida to Calif. that I was told about Spiralmax by one of my coworkers (Reed's Body & Fender). So I checked them out on there web site. I thought to myself that it couldn't hurt to try them out. So I got two units to put in my intake tube. To tell you the truth I really didn't think that it would work. Boy was I ever wrong. If I have to guess the horsepower in my car now, I have to say that it is in the 200 hp range, thanks to Spiralmax. My car, at 2,500 rpm starts to pull like the car was turbocharged. I mean you can really feel the power. Since I just moved out here (Calif.), I don't know where I can go to get a dyno test done. When I do, I will write back to tell you what it was. If anyone has any questions you can e-mail me at [email protected] . I attached some pics of my car if anyone wants to see it. So once again ..... thank you Spiralmax. Freddy Valenti"

here's the pics of his car if you are interested of course.

Anyhow, does anyone have this product? Or similar but just different brand name?

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"I'm thrilled with SpiralMax. It is revolutionary! I'm a car designer by profession. In fact, I designed the Mazda RX7 sports car...., The performance of SpiralMax is stunning. I immediately noticed a significant increase in power and acceleration within the first few blocks of driving.....My RX7 used to average 200 miles range on a full tank of gas. Now it averages 250 miles on the same tank of gas. That's a full 25% improvement. I will recommend this product to everyone. It cam simply help the planet."

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