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I have finally found the time to jump back on the V6 Mustang Newsletter. I have been super busy lately and kinda missed the fall issue so what im going to try to do is a double issue for mailing in late winter.

Im also going to be posting the articles from the old newsletters on my webpage so that you can now view them online. The upcoming newsletter will not be posted.

As usual im always open for suggestions on content.

-If you have a business and would like an ad in the newsletter I just ask that you donate some sort of prize for a lucky subscriber. The size of your article will depend on your donation.

-If you have a tech article or how-to and you would like everyone to see it let me know.

-I am also looking for feature cars. If you want your car featured in the newsletter send an email to [email protected] I will need good pictures of your car as well as car specs, track times, mod list, and a short write-up on your car.

If you have any questions post here or email [email protected] Past advertisors will still get their ad but if you need to update your banner/ad let me know.
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