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About a week ago, I had some new tires installed on my 2011 Mustang GT. When I picked up my car at the shop (Canadian Tire) they told me that my passenger side rear caliper was seized. I declined their offer to replace the caliper & pads for $1000.

I pulled the caliper off and found that one of the slider pins was seized & also the piston wasn't moving.

I ordered this caliper & bracket assembly and these OEM brake pads from Rock Auto. I also ordered this caliper compression tool from Amazon.

First, I used the caliper compression tool to compress the driver side rear caliper and install new brake pads from the set. Then I moved to the passenger side, removed the old caliper & bracket assembly and installed the replacement.

When everything was back together, I took the car out for a short low speed 80km/h (50mph) drive. The rotor on the passenger side got hot. The other rotors were just a little warm. I did a few searches for Mustang rear brake dragging and followed some of the suggestions I found including checking the alignment of the slot on the piston with the raised point on the back of the brake pad. Everything checked out but then I noticed that the E-Brake spring mechanism was not sitting against the stop when E-Brake was fully released. "Aha!" (not the band) I thought to myself - The previous owner must have tightened the E-Brake at some point.

TIP #1
None of the shop manuals I've looked at mention loosening the E-Brake when installing a replacement caliper or new rear pads but it worked for me. The E-Brake can be loosened with a 10mm long socket from inside the vehicle. It should be loosened enough so that there is no gap as shown in the photos below when the E-Brake is fully released.

TIP #2
I found yellow threadlocker on the 15mm caliper bracket bolts. Since I was able to remove the 15mm bolts without heat and without any extraordinary amount of force, I'm guessing that it is the special-order "Medium Strength" Loctite 085. I used the more common Loctite Blue for reassembly as it is also "Medium Strength".

TIP #3
Remove or attach the flow bolt while the caliper is mounted. It's difficult to achieve the amount of torque required to loosen or tighten the bolt otherwise.


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