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ive driven with one squeeling for a while, they eventually break but you should be ok for a bit, just take it easy on it.

take some slack out of your clutch cable

if its the stock quadrant get under the dash, put your left hand on the clutch and push it in, right hand on the stock quadrant (above gas petal you can see the clutch cable going on it and its white/half moon shaped.

Ease out on the clutch while holding tension on the quadrant as it rotates (let it rotate just hold against it) if you did it right you will hear a noticeable click.

Each click takes up slack

you want .5 inches at least of pushing in the clutch petal before the clutch slips then you are ok

go drive at XX mph ease in the clutch while holding the gas steady and when the rpms slip up you know thats the clutch slip point
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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