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Since I hate to retell stories... I'm gonna be cheap and copy paste from a friend & my IM convo lol :D

ShAhRuM AiM: so... im on lee chapel... making a left onto the parkway to get home
ShAhRuM AiM: im in the right lane of the turn lanes... and these girls in a camry are in the left
S c y t h 3: k
ShAhRuM AiM: once i get on to the parkway... i go past them, and get into the left lane... light goes red on huntsman
ShAhRuM AiM: so im waiting... then i keep going home as normal
ShAhRuM AiM: but there's headlights on my ass
ShAhRuM AiM: im like... wtf mates
ShAhRuM AiM: and thanks to my super nifty mustang knowledge
ShAhRuM AiM: i immediately recognized fox body lights
S c y t h 3: lol
S c y t h 3: :]
ShAhRuM AiM: sure enough... i quickly get into the right lane... and he's gunning along his beat up 5.0 in the left lane
ShAhRuM AiM: omg it sounded like ass
ShAhRuM AiM: i was affraid it'd blow up
S c y t h 3: lol
S c y t h 3: k
ShAhRuM AiM: i quickly shift back into the left lane, and he goes into the right (getting arround a stupid mini van)
ShAhRuM AiM: and then he keeps gunning... i gun it
ShAhRuM AiM: and we get towards a curve... and he begins to brake lol
ShAhRuM AiM: i took that curve like a ho
ShAhRuM AiM: take that 5.0!
S c y t h 3: gj :]
ShAhRuM AiM: ok... that's my story
ShAhRuM AiM: and im sticking to it!
w00t first 5.0 kill!
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