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What kind of tools are needed to work on fords/mustangs.

I bought a craftsman socket set. So I have alot of those.
But what kind of specialty tools are needed.

Iam really trying to learn how to do alot of this stuff. I watch alot of the how-to type shows on tv. I've also read alot of books, and how-to's on the internet.

I've been visiting this site for a while now and reading as well as a few other mustang sites. They have been quite helpfull. Your site has alot of great how-to's that i've read and used. I must say thank you to smokedya and the other writers of those they work great for beginners such as myself.

Anyway back on subject. I know iam a newb now, but why i have money id like to buy some tools now and ect so that when iam older and know everything ill already have a nice set of mechanics tools.


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MustangNewB said:
I must say thank you to smokedya and the other writers of those they work great for beginners such as myself.
:) why thank you. I've just recieved like 10 emails between today and yesterday thanking me for different how-to articles thats on the site.
Its incrediable the amount of traffic they are getting now.

Anyway, you should hook yourself up with (like you said a craftsman socket set). I dont know how large you got. But if you can try to get a 200+ kit.
There is a 248 piece kit onsale at sears once in a while for only 150 dollars!

Because if you go that route, you get

alot of 6pt deep sockets and shallow sockets.

Deep sockets come in handy when you start wrenching on the stang.
Also larger sets come with more complete wrench sets, which you'll find out you'll need.

If you buy smaller sets, alot of the times they give u like 4 wrenches, its kinda a waste.

Anyway, get your self a set of:

Screwdrivers, lights, a flex head rachet, torx sockets, fuel line disconnect tool, pullers, prybars, ect, you'll find out more as you go along. I cant name many for some reason. lol.

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Lot of the tools I have now I ended up picking up as I needed. A good basis is to have a complete socket set. Deep as well as shallow sockets and different sized ratchets. Complete wrench set as well as screwdrivers. A torque wrench is a good investment as well. A lot of it depends on how far you plan on going. There are always going to be specialty tool you may have a need for but sometimes you gotta ask yourself...."Am I going to do this again?" If not, maybe renting a tool for the job might be better.
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