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i posted a while ago, asking whats wrong with my transmission, and i was told that i will need a full rebuilt along with solenoid's replaced. i do plan on this, but i still am not 100% positive the reason why this happened.

When i bought my car, the only thing i was told is that this was previously owned by Oprah's camera man and that it had the harmonic balancers and exhaust changed because he did not like the shake of the engine and he wanted a louder sound of it. which is reasonable.

When i drove it home, i punched it a few times and it was the strongest feel in a mustang i had felt in a long time. The AODE dropped its gears just like normal and my front end picked up with ease. i couldnt be happier than a fatty in cake shop. every time i would be at a stop light, i would put my foot to the floor and i felt my rpm's fly through first gear, and as soon as it hit 2nd, it would put you back into your seat. it felt like it had a shift kit, or possibly a built rear end, but i was never told and i asked the person who i bought it from and he said that he had no knowledge of this

My only thought can be that, a while ago, i kept hearing a wough-wough-wough noise from my rear end. So i took it to my local transmission shop and they said it was a pinion bearing, which sounded pretty legitimate. i had him replace the pinion and wanted a bit more bang when i pushed the peddle, so i asked if he can put a 3.73 gear in while he's back there. took him 1 night to do all the work and i picked it up the next day. i was told to drive it normally, no over 2,000-2,500 rpm for about 500-750 miles. I drove it just like any adult would for 1000 miles just to make extra sure, and as soon as i hit that mileage, i started to put my foot down a little further, i let off the gas and i heard the rear end wind down from the larger gear and again, couldn't be happier. it still had the kick into 2nd gear just like before, but it kicked even harder this time, it felt like.

Eventually, i would start driving around and i noticed my trans acting like it's slipping into neutral from time to time. I would put my foot down and all that would happen is my rpm's would shoot up and nothing would happen.

Now im at the point where i have to manually use the 1-2-D just to make the car shift

Would the possibility of a built read-end for a shorter gear, being replaced by a taller gear, have this effect?
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