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Transmission crossmember

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I'm puting a 5.0 in a 91 Lx it had a four cylinder in it will the transmission crossmember work for my 5.0
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I can't say for sure, but I would say if not, it would be easy to modify.
If its auto and your staying auto it will work, if manual swap from auto it will have to be changed

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I've done that very same swap, but you need to change the rear end too the 7.5 won't survive the torque of the v8
Thanks and does the crossmember also need to be move forward under the car there looks to be brackets to move the crossmember forward?
Just remove it, set your drive train in place, then you will figure out which set of brackets will work. I had a 91 gt donor car, then swapped it to a 88 convertible. I just finished swapping it from manual back to auto so I could use the manual in my hatchback

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Oh yeah, use a small floor jack on wheels under tailshaft of trans for guidance and height adjustment
Ok thanks! You helped me alot!
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