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Hey guys, My car has less than 400 miles on it. I want to add a tune and CAI to the car, Is it too soon, Is there a certain milage you should hit before you can add a tune.

Its my first time tuning a car and my first mustang. Its an automatic, 2013 GT/CS.Looking for more punch down low, When I hit the gas. Which one do you guys recommend?

I had the is mind
Steeda CAI and SF3 Tuner - Automatic Transmission - FROM AM

you can't tune it too early, just keep in mind your warranty will technically be void. Some dealerships don't care, others do. Most people put a few thousand miles first, usually after that if you haven't had any issues they seem to be pretty bullet proof. Some will say you haven't really hit the break in mileage, others will tell you that Ford breaks the engine in before putting it in the car. Personally I got my car with 60 miles on it and have driven her hard since day one.

The automatic transmission from ford is awesome, but their stock shift points and way the trans acts isn't as good as it can be, tuning the car will give you better shift points and a lot more power.

I highly recommend the Bama tunes, and that CAI is the best on the market IMHO.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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