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I installed the Ford Racing tune this past June in my 2012 GT. It adds up to 60 lb ft of low end torque and a peek addition of 16 hp. Not as aggressive as most other tunes that are available but, it adds that low end torque you referred to and the best part is, Ford Racing gives you a warranty for the engine. 3yrs or 36k miles. I like it a lot. Its a great street tune. I have a 6M with a 3.31 gear and burnout through 1st, 2nd and finally get traction at around 3500 -4000 RPM in 3rd. If this sounds like something your interested in, look up the web site "" . You can get the tune for well under $300.
Sounds good, I wish I could try before buy.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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