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Anyone out there who is learned in the entire tuning area of the 2013 5.0.
Im not very 'up to speed' on all the different applications for tuning on these cars mainly because Im not going to race my car, but I do have a few questions about the applications.
If I wanted to get one of those Bama tuners that you can download tunes onto would I be able to find a tune that is directed toward economy and a seperate one for sport and then, if need be, be able to reset the computer to the stock tune?
I ask mainly because if i am just cruising and not pile driving the throttle i would like to get a little better mpgs, but still want the option of putting all the engine has to the wheels.
Yes! Bama will be able to get you custom tunes... You get three and free tune modifications for life.

You can request a econo type tune and a performance one.

And the stock tune is stored so you can ways go back to stock.
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