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1989 Mustang GT
~77k Miles
Grey Interior
BBK Lowering Springs
BBK Upper Control Arms (Can include BBK LCAs but not installed)
Mishimoto Aluminum (BIG) Radiator
SN95 Electric Fan

T5 has a new King Cobra Clutch and flywheel w/ ~400 miles
Pro 5.0 Shifter
2.73 rear gears

High Flow 255l Fuel Pump
42lb Injectors (Ford Racing)
Pro M 3" Blow through MAF

Battery located in back of car
Engine bay cleaned up and some wires tucked
SCT Chip/Tune by Corey Simpson

1986 Shortblock with flat top pistons (stock)
Lightly Ported/Cleaned Up E7 Heads (Gives some boosted compression)
Stock Cam
Stock Intake
Stock TB
3G Alternator
A/C Delete Brackets (Polished)
BBK Underdrive Pulleys
Boost Brothers Turbo Kit
-T67 Turbo
-IC Piping cut and fit for a clean look

The below dyno sheet was the last of 3 pulls that one saturday it was 95* out, its best numbers were 423hp/490tq slipping the clutch.

No rust issues
Not sure on brand of turbo I will check


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Motor doesn't sound to healthy, but if bottom end is stock prolly wouldnt wanna put anymore boost than that to it... I would think at 9psi it still should have made a lil more power than what it did... Car looks in good shape for how old it is, it needs some work for sure don't think I'd give them any where near what they want for it

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It's been sitting for awhile so I (we) suspect some cracked
vacum lines wich he is getting fixed. I have a few more videos
of when he first put the car together and it sound pretty damn good.

It also has put down 423whp/490TQ in cooler weather than when this dyno
run was done. I would get it Tuned again once I get it down to Louisiana, we
are pretty much at sea level so that should make some difference. The stock
block should hold together a pretty long time barring any missed shifts, or
running to high rpm. My Strim car that made 440whp held together for years
until a friend took it down the track and missed a shift. After that it had a very slight knock, 4 months later I blew it up.

I think the price is fair for what has been done to the car and it's condition.
Makes a pretty good sleeper right now. My plans would be for a dart block
331-347-363 and a better quality turbo and a bunch of suspension work..
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