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Monday I had a friend ask me if my seats were tweed. I never thought about it before and thought he could be right but, I told him I didn't know. I don't think it is, but it would be awesome to already have tweed seats.

On the build sheet it said "Interior: Medium Graphite Cloth". So I'm not sure. Does anyone know if it is? :confused:
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Glad to see no one else knows. :lol:
I wouldn't call that tweed... I dunno what it is. Next time ur friend says something, I'd say, "no, this is obviously Medium Graphite Cloth." real sarcastic like.
:lol: i don't know the difference
yes it be tweed, which ryhmes with w33d... :)
tweed is P I M P
Do I have tweed? It looks similar to his seats lol

btw what is tweed :lol:
Tweed is poor man's leather. ;)

Let's all just say it's tweed. My friend has cloth seats from a Mustang in his truck and they look nothing like my seats.
sweet i wish i had tweed seats LOL
I am going to get rid of my leather, and upgrade to tweed... cause its pimp
I should run my headrests down to the interior shop and let them stich ponies on them and then be done with the seats. :lol:
Good idea... That would be soooooo cool:banana:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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