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also if you lights are dimming like crazy get a capacitor. measured in farads. .5 farads can handle up to 500 watts, 1 farad up to 1000, 1.5 up to 1500 and so on .. a seriously good investment for you electrical system and takes ALOT of strain off your amp, also amps run between 13-14 volts, you battery can only hit 12 and with 10 feet or wiring you loose alot of punch in the system. i put a capacitor in the system i put in my g/f car,a 400 watt pioneer sub, 400 watt amp and a capacitor, and it SLAMS, she turns the bass all the way down, when i drive it i crank it its a good idea for any serious car stereo.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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