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Upgrade radio or add Aux or BT

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Hi i want to buy mustang 2013 in europe and i have one nice car in my focus but problem is, its a base model with basic radio without aux and bluethoot, its possible to add this feature?

Or i see on net many people upgrade radio to android screens but can it work with this base radio model?

Thanks for help
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You should be able to swap in an aftermarket radio with minimal issues. Do some research on websites like to get an idea of what you're need and what will fit. Metra makes a good wiring adapter for use between the new radio and the OEM wiring harness.
I honestly don't know if radios now even have the Aux option, I've been running bluetooth for a while.
I speak with owenr of the car and he said, AUX input its here but dont work, when he click to AUX button its start play radio, i hope its something what its possible to fix/repair
Does he have an aux cord plugged in when he selects it?
As for repair, it would be easier to either install an aftermarket radio or try to find another OEM unit.
Likely the 3.5mm jack is worn out and the "override tab" inside the jack is not making a connection with the plug.
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With the technology floating around these days, I can't believe a good radio shop couldn't provide what you need. While, my Mustang is a 2008, I was able to have installed upgraded radio, CD, Navigation and back up camera in my car.
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