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V6 Mustang Meet for March 7th! website UP!!! SIGN UP NOW!!

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All V6 Mustang meet, come one come ALL to a meet that is bound to be HUGE!

I have already contacted Mustang Enthusiast Magazine and they are interested in making a feature on it for their magazine!

March 7th seemed to be the best date, as that is a good FULL MONTH ahead of time for everyone. March are when finals come and spring break, so people leave at that time.

Meet should be in Elysian Park in Dodger Stadium,


There will be discounted parts, prizes, and RAFFLES!!!

There will be a full website made up with all of the details where everyone should be able to sign up and add their name and info on the list so we see just how many people will be showing up.

Please post if you are planning to go!!
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If I didnt show up Erick... I think you would disown me :D

You know I'll be there. 8)
i'm up for it, when you say southern cali, where? more towards SD or LA?
Hell yeah Im in. Just e-mail for more info. [email protected] :headbang:
aight thinking mid january people i got a LOT of people on 3.8 intersted as well...this should be awesome....

mid january on a sunday????

When and where will it be held.????????

When and where will it be held at?
didn't i just put a date? LOL

finally got to talk to josh today, the meet is still on...plan it for february maybe at the end of the month now. He needs to get his orders all shipped out and in about 1 week we will make our site up for it and set the date, destination, time etc!!! STAY TUNED!!
I don't wanna go in my stock car and drool on other people's cars.. :oops: :(
you will be amazed as to the majority of semi stock cars. Trust me you won't want to miss this meet, its going to be huge!!

Ok people!!

SIGN UP OR NO FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alright I'm in, I'll bring some friends. :headbang:
well hurry up and sign up then! :)
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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