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I bought stripes from AM . And did them my self .

It was not hard but takes lots of patients. It's nice to have a helping hand . But can be done by your self . Only part I needed a hand was the hood bc it's the longest . But the kits from AM that are "pre cut " are not what comes to mind . Peel and stick direct fit. Not the case it come in 3 maybe 4 pieces of two stripes you cut down to size use the left overs for the bumpers etc.
not saying the kit is not goo quality just not the pre cut that comes to mind .
Just a heads up.
And if you do it your self do the wet application. If you don't like how it looks peel it and try it again as many times as you like . It's bullet proof as long as you don't squeegee it and leave it for an extended period of time .

If this don't make since my bad half asleep
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