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ok, i have a red 1994 mustang gt.

the paint is oxidized, and i was told by a auto detail shop that it cannot be repaired from waxing or polishing.

so i have gotten two estimates for a new paint job

place A - 2,000 dollars

place B - 499.95 (sale originally 599.95)

ok, i know paint jobs are expensive and i do not want a crappy paint i am a lil afraid to get the 499.95 paint job. i asked him why the low price compared to competitors and his explanation was that the place owns a paint manufacturing company so they dont get charged for buying paint.

also, the cheaper place that only charges 499.95 for a full paint job has been in bussiness for over 40 years.... which gives them some trust and has been recommened to me by my uncle.

any suggestions would be great!

also do you think its worth it putting forth around 500 dollars for a paint job for a car that's worth around 4,000 dollars? thanks a lot

best answer to who ever can answer my questions!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts