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This board is dedicated to people that are interested in purchasing any kind of emblems at Whether they are custom emblems, 232 emblems, 3.8 emblems, etc. Any and all information can be answered here and any pictures can be posted as well.

Please feel free to make posts about your REVIEWS on your purchases on service, shipping, the way your emblems look.....etc

Here are some FAQ, hope they help:

1Q. Are these just stickers?
1A. No, they are NOT stickers, they are similar to GT emblems. They are
made from Laser Engravable Rowmark Exterior grade plastic. Whereas ....
most "Badges" supplied to the auto industry are extruded plastic from a die!

2Q. What does "232" actually stand for?
2A. 232 is the size of the V6 Mustang engine in cubic inches. Just as V8's
have 281, 302 and 351 cubic inch engines

3A. This is a highly asked question. NOW:
If you plan on replacing the ponies on the fenders you MUST get a WEB B emblem because holes are left where the ponies were so the WEB B will cover them. I would suggest getting a 4.5" WEB B emblem. The 3.5" emblems just can't be seen as well from a distance. If you plan on
putting just ONE on the trunk I would suggest the 3.5" NO WEB emblem. The WEBBING is used to cover any HOLES left over, such as those left by the ponies, but the trunk you will not need to cover up any holes, so NO WEB is the one. now

Contact me for more info!

Some basic pictures of emblems:

Some Custom ones:

Emblems start at ONLY $10!!!! :)
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