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2011 Mustang GT/CS
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Changed plugs out on my recently purchased 2011 Mustang GT/CS. Put some common plugs in to check and see if it was a plug problem. Same issue on number 2&3, wet on number 2 and ashy on number 3.
Put Ford plugs in and have the same problem.
Have a boss 302 intake on top and not sure if it has a tune on it. The previous owner had said something about it setting around a lot. The warning bells went off when they acted in a hurry to sell the car.
I haven't had any major issues and I drive the car everywhere. I have put 4000 miles on the car since May and it is September. Hoping to have some funds soon to fix anything that is wrong.
Has anyone had this issue?
What was the fix or where can I start without emptying the bank account?
No codes, but it does hesitate when cold on acceleration, also noticed blue smoke from the tail pipe.
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