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What is an A-Code 1965 Mustang?

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I'm interested in buying this 1965 Ford Mustang. It looks real clean inside and out and he's selling it for $9,000 obo.

He says it's an A-Code Mustang. What is the meaning of "A-Code"?

Also, he said it's a 3 Speed Cruisomatic. What is the meaning of "Cruisomatic"? Is it Manual transmission or Automatic transmission?

Thanks for the help!
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An "A code" mustang of this year would indicate a "standard" 4 barrel carburetor on a 289 V8. A Cruisomatic is a 3 speed automatic transmission.
It can be a body code, but usually it's the 5th letter in the vin number than is the engine code for the 289 4v with 225 HP..

Yes, the cruisomatic is a C4 automatic..
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