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So im about to start a new project mustang. Im picking up 05-09 GT mustang from a salvage yard. Im planning on turboing it and do a bunch of engine and body mods. Im hoping to make anywhere from 500 to 700 hp. I know its a wide range. But its because I want to know what everyone is running for parts and boost. And then I can see how much I want to spend to get whatever Hp.

The car is going to be a manual. Im going to do alot of weight stripping. Replace most of the glass with plexy. And prob even change out the doors for fiberglass doors instead. The car is going to be mainly track and a little show. ( I already have a 05 eleanor v6 for a nice weekend car).

So any advice or lists of parts that you have or use would be greatly welcomed. Thanks, Kirpy
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