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coupe,w/vinal top, pony emblem on both sides of vinal, clock on console instead of left side of instrument panel.

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The base models were produced as a Fastback,Hard Top Coupe and Convertible.
The Mach 1 model came in the fastback only.
The Grande model came only as a Hard Top Coupe.
The T5 was only available in Germany and came as a Hard Top Coupe, Convertible and Fastback.

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Mustang Timeline: 1973

1964-66 | 1967-68 | 1969-70 | 1971-73 | 1974-78 | 1979-86 | 1987-93 | 1994-98 | 1999-2004 | 2005-2008 | 2009+

1971 | 1972 | 1973

The 1973 Mustang marked the end of the first generation. The fuel crisis had moved buyers' preferences from large, gas-guzzling muscle cars to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. The turn signals in the grille were turned vertical rather than the horizontal placement on 1971-1972 models. Chrome headlight and taillights bezels replaced the black from 1971-1972. Due to government regulations, the 1973 Mustang would be the last Mustang convertible until 1983. 1973 would be the last year for Mustang Grandé.

The Mach 1 lost it's pop-open fuel door, and the side stripes were lowered and thicker, with "Mach 1" written inside the stripe in front of the rear wheel rather than on the front fender behind the front wheel.

The low-budget movie Gone in 60 Seconds was released in 1974. It was a 90-minute movie with a 40-minute chase scene featuring a yellow 1973 Mach 1. Click here for more info.

Engines250cid 1V 6-cyl 99 hp L Code
302cid 2V V-8 141 hp F Code
351cid 2V V-8 177 hp H Code
351cid 4V V-8 266 hp Cobra Jet Q Code

PricesConvertible, standard $3,102
Coupe, standard $2,760
Coupe, Grandé, standard $2,946
Fastback, standard $2,820
Fastback, Mach 1, standard $3,088

ProductionConvertible 11,853
Coupe 51,430
Coupe, Grandé 25,274
Fastback 10,820
Fastback, Mach 1 35,440
Total 134,817

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Mach 1 Registry

ColorsBlue Glow
Bright Red
Dark Green Metallic
Gold Glow
Ivy Glow
Light Blue
Medium Aqua
Medium Blue Metallic Medium Bright Yellow
Medium Brown Metallic
Medium Copper Metallic
Medium Green Metallic
Medium Yellow Gold
Saddle Bronze Metallic
Wimbledon White

Vehicle Identification Numbers3 Last digit of model year
F Assembly plant (F-Dearborn)
05 Body code (01-Coupe, 02-Fastback, 03-Convertible, 04-Grandé, 05-Mach 1)
H Engine code
100001 Consecutive unit number
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