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What type of transmission do i have?

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i need to know to fix it
its a 1967 mustang with a 302 its a 4 speed manual transmission with the reverse on the top left ive gone to mustang country to get a new stick shift but they told me it was an aftermarket because the stick shift they were going to put didn't go on i looked at the transmission and all i could see is
w.q. div
i already tried looking to see if i could find it using this but no luck so far so if you know something it would be a lot of help
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the 67 mustang never came with a 302 it was offered with the 200 six cylinder, 289 v8, or 390 v8, you have some frankenstien mechanics going on under your car my guess is you have the four speed top loader. but its just a guess without looking at it
cant really say just by that you need to check it out usally has some kind of branding but i know only certain types can go into that type of mustang..
There is more under the tranny, you have to look harder. It has to say the company on there somewhere or another
So difficult, i do not know the answer either.
look at the data tag and then look up the designation online
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