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Wheel spacers vs alignment

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I just picked up a set of 19" AMR wheels from AM; I prefer the staggered look, but opted for standard so that I can rotate my wheels.

Question: Can wheel spacers be installed on the rear only, thus giving me a staggered look, or would this give me alignment issues? I'm looking at the Eibach Pro Spacer Hubcentric spacers from AM

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Btw I have a '13 GT with 19" AMR wheels, stock suspension
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it will throw off your alignment and you will go through tires faster.
There is nothing to adjust in the rear. All you will be doing is widening your track a little. No big deal as long as you don't rub.
Yeah I was gonna say, won't throw your alignment off...
Sorry youre right it just un evenly wears tores.

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Sorry youre right it just un evenly wears tires
How so? I don't understand how since all it will be doing is moving the tires out an inch or two at most. It isn't changing their contact angle or anything.
ive been told by many tire shops when i was looking into get some
Hmmm. I am at work now but later I will definitely be looking into this. I had not heard this before and I don't see how it would do such a thing. Then again I will gladly admit I don't have them so I cannot say 100%. I was looking at getting some to do what the OP wants to do so I might be looking into this a bunch more.
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