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Wheels feel loose

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Okay so it feels like one of my wheels is loose like one of them wants to come off but its weird cause I just put on the hub centric rings for my wheels and it started right after I put the wheels back on and the lugs are all tight :( should I yake the hub centric rings off? Its a 2003 v6 mustang btw
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Which wheel is it? And what's the purpose of the rings?
hubcentrics as in spacers? to be honest i had the same feeling after putting them on my old v6...took them off and sold them a few weeks later...take the wheels off and tq the spacers down to 100 ft lbs at least to be sure they aren't coming loose off the hub
No just the hubcentric rings that seat in the rim

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And it feela like its coming from the front
Check your studs. my buddy's S2000 felt the same way and a stud broke off and made the wheel shake.
i just hope your shaking ends better then my last stangs did...i lost a wheel on a highway after not finding the cause of a shake for 2 weeks...turned out to be the studs were wallowing the wheels because the nuts had backed off enough to sit so they'd feel tight due to the weight of the car on them, but loose enough that over a few weeks of driving caused a bad really sucks when you suddenly get passed by your driver rear wheel lol
You may want to try jacking up the car and try tightening the lugs again. Sometimes you don't tighten them all the way and when you let the car down again the weight of the car pushing against the wheel will make it feel like the lugs are completely tight.
Make sure you tighten energy thing in the correct order also. Not doing so makes it much harder to get all the lugs tightened down properly
Whats the ft-lb torque for our lugs?
You might wanna check your ball joints and tie rods, man. Those go out too easy.
Whats the ft-lb torque for our lugs?
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