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Im lookin for some cheap wheels. i am lookin for 17"s. My car came with 16"s and i want to go up a size, or should i stay at 16 what do u think. If u think i should go up a size then do u know a site to get rims for a decent price or does anyone have any to sell for cheap...thanks
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you can get gt and cobra take offs for cheap... say 200-400 depending on the style and size.

personally, fords (mustangs) handle like pigs and take a lot to handle for anything. if you're looking at it strictly for performance of the car, 16x7.5 (what you have) is definitely good enough. will you see a small improvement with 17's? yes. however, with what you have, i'd recommend suspension upgrades first. might as well make it all you can be before you spend money on wheels/tires, right?
is there anywhere i can get a wider rim but still a 16?
do you mean the really popular of recent deep dish rims, like the bullitts and such?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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