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The car is a 1969 mustang. Recently I took it up to autozone and they told me i needed a new voltage regulator and starter solenoid. They gave me wrong reglator so i put thhe new solenoid on. I wen tto turn car on and it spun on and made a weird buzzing noise. Turned off and it wuldnt turn off even after taking key out. It finally went off and i re installed it and it turned on and ran fine. got 10 miles down the road and the car cut off on me. tried to turn back on and it did the buzzing thing again. Turned off then back on and it rode fine till i got to work, when there i turned off but it stayed on i poped hood cause it wouldnt shut off and there were sparks coming from the solenoid. Looked lkke came frm the positive side. HELP dont know what to do! im at work now lol
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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