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97Stallion said:
DO you have you top end tore down now? Here's my pics of the A/C bracket. This is really the only piece I have really polished thus far. I've done other things, but it was just a quick job. When I finally get things going I think I'm going to charge something like $15 an hour, an un-known value for each part, and then a core charge for each part too. So a Bracket like that would be 9 hours of work, and maybe $40 for the part and another $40 core charge. So something like $215ish. Prices are still in work though. But if you have a special part, you can just pay for the polishing as long as you ship it to me. :D
Exactly how do you polish this kind of stuff, how much is the polish, and where would you find this stuff? Is it pretty easy to do or what?

I need my my intake, valve covers, and alternator polished. I either want to find someone that can do it around here or do it myself. Who does that kind of work anyways? Bodyshops????? Not sure what to look for in the phone book.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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