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Where to go next?

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Hey guys. So I've done all the bolt ons I could think of and looking for opinions on where to go next. Its a 03 gt, 5 speed So far I have: K&N CAI, BBK 78 ml throttle body, steeda U/D pulleys, steeda short throw shifter, BBK ceramic shorties, MAC pro chambered mid pipe, flow master cat back with series 40 mufflers, ford 4:10 gears and a custom tune from a local dyno shop. Don't wanna change my exhaust to long tubes as I like the set up.
Should I move to suspension? Start doing engine internals? Just looking for personal opinions.
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I would go into suspension.
Where would you start with suspension
Yeah suspension would be boss, plus if you go high hp youll have the sus to back It up
Hi,i agree go with suspension. Start with your LCA/UCA.
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