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I'm looking for a nice deep muscle car sound that has those nice tone sounds. I dont want it to sound like those annoying old honda car nor to be extremely loud. I dont want drone noise. I also live in California so I cant really do much because of smog reasons. I'm stuck between these 2 but its hard and not the same hearing on audio compared to in person. I've had corsa sports before and loved the sound in a different mustang I had same year. One of my friends recommended Roush im just not sure if I would like it. I heard that roush has raspy sound and I hope it doesn't mean that annoying bothering sound.
I have the Roush on my '12 Vert. It is a bit raspy at higher RPM's but it has a nice deep sound to it, not really loud, just deep.

I am also in CA ... where they have limits on what you can and cannot do to your car. If you are close by 94523, I would be happy to meet you and show you what it sounds like.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts