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In a perfect world I would have bought all these mods already. But seeing as how the world isn't perfect and I'm not rich, I have to pick and choose which mods to buy as I slowly build my stang. So I got about $300 in AM gift cards this year. I can afford to spend a bit more of my own cash but not much more. I am on a budget because the gf and I are moving out of our apartment into a house on the 2nd and money is tight. My current mods are tuner, o/r h, catback, some cosmetic/stereo mods and a set of H&R super sports waiting to be installed. I am installing the springs hopefully next weekend when I have some more free time. I have quite a few different combinations of how I should spend the money but I can't decide.

Here are some of the combinations I am considering:

1. Throttle body and plenum (probably stack racing)

2. Tb and CAI

3. Cc plates and CAI (only reason I'm hesitant about cc plates, some say you don't need em, some say camber bolts will be okay and I'm also considering drilling the stock cc plates so I can get more adjustment)

4. Ball joints and bump steer

5. Shocks and struts (mine are still good but I know in a few months they'll probably need replacing once I lower it, I'll go with kyb or tokicos. I can't decide if I should wait till they go bad or replace now)

I would like to know which mods you guys think i should get. Plz dont just leave your opinion, try to give me a little reasoning as to why you think that. I am more of a performance person than suspension. But I don't want the suspension to be f*cked by not buying what I need. Keep in mind that just about all of these things will be bought in the future. I just want to know what I should buy right now. Also if you have any other combos you can think of for around $300 I'm open to ideas!
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