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Will 20 inch rims be ok on a 2006 Mustang?

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I have a v6, and I think I would like to get the Shelby Razor rims for it in 20 inch since they look awesome.
Here's a pic of a v6 with 20 inch razors-
I have the funds, my only concern is that after it is speed balanced, that the wheels won't shake and my ride won't feel shitty. Any advice? Thanks
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it's a mustang not a 300

20" will look ridiculous, screw up the performance aspect, throw off the speedo, mess w/ your MPG, ruin the ride since you'll only have room for the thinnest tires, and make you look like another wannabe PMR contestant and make you lose any credibility/respect from other mustang owners/fans
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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