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I just replaced my drivers side Power Window regulator, and there are a couple things that will point out.

1) Remove all window door trim including the Door panel, window weather stripping in and out sail panel and power side mirror.

2) This was the hard part, The rivets used to attach the window brackets to the regulator have a hardened pin in the center and are soft aluminum on the outside. You can't drill out the center. If your window is still in the guides (My window wasn't) you can punch out the center pin and then pop the rest of the rivet out. I used a crowbar to pop the rivet and then straightened the window bracket, not the best way but it worked. On a side note i replaced my rivets with hardened Titanium bolts (I got from work), washers and nuts with Red Loctite. Remove the up-stop brackets and window guide brackets Then remove the the window from the door with mount brackets and up-stops intact.

3) Remove the stabilizer track in the middle of the door and slide the regulator through the service hole. Make sure your window is all the way down or as close as possible to remove the regulator with ease.

4) Installation is reverse of removal. Installation is a two person process, one to hold the window up and one to position it on the mount on the regulator, once resting on the regulator the window will sit there until you bolt it together. I think that's it.:good:
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