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Windows 10 official release/rollout is here

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Will for damn sure be upgrading tomorrow. Fresh wipe and install Win10 Pro from the .iso I burnt tonight from the Microsoft website. Totally free for those who did not know. I recommend doing a clean wipe/install whenever doing a system upgrade and the Win10 Pro gets you bitlocker along with a few other worthwhile things.

I only went to Win8.1 myself for performance over 7 when gaming. 7 is still on my laptop and we still use it at work. I will be putting EVERYTHING on 10 though. Higher performance, and the biggie is DirectX 12 support which even 8.1 will not have.

Also going from 16 to 32 gigs of RAM on the gaming PC and going to try pull the case apart and clean everything out and then see how good the auto overclock feature on my newish motherboard is. Been running all 6 cores at 3.5ghz (up from 2.8ghz) on the auto feature for a few months now. Going to kick it up to 4.0ghz x6 and see what happens.
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There was an EVGA 3070 on Newegg in stock that I could have got for $700... I didn't take that one... If I was a 1080p gamer maybe but it would still be the weak link in the system I have... I'm just hoping the retailers like Newegg etc... are putting in algorithms or other methods to sell cards to actual ppl when they come back in stock although with as high as Doge is going right now I don't expect the miners to allow it... I can hope tho... At least Elite and GTA5 an Civ6 still support crossfire... ugh...
I started buying prebuilts and gutting them to get a decent gpu at a decent price. The 3070 is nearly equal to a 2080ti in just about every way except slightly better rtx performance. The 3080s are fast but not as fast as what the youtubers and benchmarks would have you believe. A 2080ti overclocked is better than a 3070 overclocked by around 15% with equal rtx performance. The 3080 are only about 15 - 20% faster than an overclocked 2080ti and 20 - 30% faster in rtx, though with some of the custom bios out for them with 1kw power limits, they can overclock a bit but draw crazy power stock and even more when overclocked.

Back to the topic of parting out a prebuilt, I could buy a system with a 3070 and an i9 10900k with 32gb of junk memory (2666 and high timings), 512gb nvme, a Windows 10 key, cheap power supply and case for less than I could purchase a 3070 and a 10900k. So I would buy one of those systems, pull the nvme, cpu and gpu and install them on a decent mobo with fast memory, throw a decent cooler or a water loop on them in a nice case, a new Windows 10 license and profit some money. I would take the remaining parts and build a more traditional home pc (low end mobo, junk memory, cheap psu, cheap case, integrated graphics) and resell that system after debadging it from whatever company built it. Doing this, I was able to make a several thousand dollars a month selling around 6 - 10 systems a month.
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So maybe I should have jumped on that 3070? Fack... TBTH if another one comes up for $700 is it worth it to grab it with a Ryzen 3600 and 3600mhz ram or do I wait and hope for a 3080? I am kinda of fed up at this point lol.
If you find one, go for it. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, sell it, you won't lose money.

Also, a Ryzen 3600 and a 3070, 3080 or AMD 6000 series is a potent combo. You will be surprised how much the Fury cards are holding that CPU back, especially in titles that don't scale with multi GPU setups.

All of my reps that I have talked with have said things aren't going to get better until at least summer of 2022 but likely into 2023. Also, on top of all the other crazy sheet going on with electronics, a new crypto called Chia is taking over China and causing HDD and SSD shortages as this crypto is mined with storage devices. So, you might want to consider grabbing some additional HDD or SSD if you might need any in the coming future, otherwise, you might not be able to buy anything.
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Oof I don't need that but you are saying if I see a 3070 jump on it? Noted... shoulda grabbed that one I guess lol.
If you see any RTX 2000 or 3000 series cards that aren't crazily marked up, jump on it and but all that you can. Then keep what you want and sell the rest at profit. Same with the RX6000 series.

Hell ... a used RTX 2000 or RX 5700XT would be a massive upgrade in most scenarios .. assuming you can find one at a decent price.
It was an EVGA 3070 for $799. So it was $800 but still... The only thing that is keeping me from not being totally just like... I dunno is that GTAV and Elite still support crossfire lol.
Entering Newegg Shuffles... I need to get a damn GPU or all the money I spent upgrading from Ryzen 1 to Ryzen 3 is gonna be completely wasted... I will find out 9PM-3AM my time if I "won" the right to buy a 3070 and a 750w gold rated PSU for $829... Fingers crossed...
No luck last night. Another shuffle today. I am half tempted to just say screw it and go for a 6800XT combo but that's like $1300 and I don't really need one for what I'm doing. A 3070 with a little bit of tweaking should run anything on my 3440x1440p on high or max or I may just go back to a 16:9 1440p monitor...
Still nothing... I'm sure I'll get one eventually. I really wish the Gigabyte 3080 for $699 would ever come back into stock but I'm sure that is wishful thinking.
Entering Newegg Shuffles... I need to get a damn GPU or all the money I spent upgrading from Ryzen 1 to Ryzen 3 is gonna be completely wasted... I will find out 9PM-3AM my time if I "won" the right to buy a 3070 and a 750w gold rated PSU for $829... Fingers crossed...
Is newegg any good to deal with?
Newegg is probably the best computer parts site in the world.
Is newegg any good to deal with?
Newegg is probably the best computer parts site in the world.

Only if you actually buy things from Newegg. If you buy something from Newegg Marketplace, prepare to take one in the rear. They are not Amazon and Newegg does not give a **** if you bought something from their market place that didn't come from them. I bought over a dozen monitors from one of their Newegg Marketplace vendors and every single one of them was DOA. I called Newegg and was essentially told sorry, nothing we can do, take it up with the seller. The seller refused any wrong doing and would not allow me to return the items as they were "opened".

So, I was out $2,800 and Newegg offered no assistance in resolving the issue. So F them for that.

That said, MAKE ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you buy from Newegg direct. To do this, go to their site and look for whatever you want, then at the top on the left will be an on/off button that says "SOLD BY NEWEGG". Turn that on and you are good.
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Ouch... yeah I only have ever bought a few things not sold by Newegg... got a warning about that years ago. I think the last thing I bought not sold by them was some RAM and that was risky but the price was too good and I used paypal so if they screwed me I'd initiate a claim. But I got it...

For these cards they're all Newegg direct... IF you can buy one. Odds are I'm going to get selected to get a 3070 first so I'll keep going on them and if I win one I'll use it until I "win" a 3080 and then sell the 3070.
Been doing the newegg shuffle I think for a few weeks now. Ppl keep saying they are getting these cards from it but like... how many ppl do these shuffles now and are there actual odds on being picked up?

If I had ppl I know I could sell a few machines to I might do the pre-built thin and steal the card out of that but I don't. Well... I could sell locally to Americans who live here maybe but no guarantees I'd make the money back... maybe... Suppose if I get a system with a real good intel or Ryzen setup in it already I could take the Ryzen 1 setup out of the living room desktop and put the Ryzen 3 setup in there with a Fury, put the other Fury in the Ryzen 1 setup and sell that and then I have two R9 290s I could put in a cheap used Ryzen 1 or intel setup and sell those... That's 4 pretty legit 1080p gaming machines... The Ryzen 1 you could argue would even be able to run with one of the new cards if whoever buys it could get one...

What would systems like that be worth? I'm thinking I could probably get $500-$700 (more?) for the Ryzen 1/Fury setup? Could probably find another Ryzen 1 or intel something and motherboard used for cheap and slap that in with the 290s and get $500+ for those... hmm... Then I'm in the pre-built system for the price of the mobo/cpu/gpu... I would def be keepin the Corsair B-die CL14 3600mhz ddr4 out of my current rig...
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I think the odds of winning the Newegg lottery aren't much better than winning a decent amount of cash in the actual lottery.

When I last spoke to my reps a few weeks ago, they all said the same exact thing, silicon availability is going from bad to worse. All the decent chips being made are being bought up by OEMs (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc..) and they are still only getting a tiny percentage of what they are ordering. As in they are still ordering over 50,000 RTX 3000 cards and getting 35 or 0.07% of what they ordered, while OEMs are getting something like 15% of what they order. These numbers are from all AIB partners (Asus, MSI, EVGA, Sapphire, Powercolor, XFX, Gigabyte/Aurous, etc..). The AIB's simply don't have the supply they need to get them into the distribution channels (going to OEM instead) and when they do, the container that shipped them gets damaged or stolen. So then distributors and retailers are told there are 200,000 GPUs on boat leaving China, except 2/3 of those cards never left port because of thievy bastards stealing them and auctioning the cards off to cryptominers or companies that can get the cards out of China for a healthy profit.

It's horrible right now. In fact, as far as consumer availability to electronics, we might as well be amish. When Elon Musk and Tesla/SpaceX are saying that the logistics challenges in lining up a supply of computer chips is very similar to what everyone experienced during WWII, you know things are bad.

All that being said, used GPU prices are WAY high. I'm certain you could break even or get very close to it, assuming the PC gaming market is trash in your part of paradi-er-Spain.

One last thing ... I was told by my reps that AMD and Nvidia are going to be releasing new model cards in the next few months to try to get rid of wasted chips. So, expect more cut down models to hit the market, unless they end up with OEM deals. Think like a Ti or XTX class card or LE or non X/XT class card (Nvidia and AMD slang for better (Ti and XTX) or worse (LE and Non X/XT). Probably won't make much of a difference but they should be coming out soon, for a massively inflated price.
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IIRC the 3070ti is releasing on 2 or 3 June and then the 3080ti a week later, both will be reduced hash rate cards. But you probably mean like a 3050/3050ti or something...

And looking at Dell it seems everything is in stock there... which makes sense, them and HP are going to get dibs on every order I'd imagine.

Also, I can get a whole ass Alienware with 8 gigs of bleh ram, a 5600x CPU, a 1tb ssd, the motherboard is supposedly a "white box" x570 but might be a b550... either way... GPU is a 6800xt and liquid cooler for $1850 or so. I just saw Newegg Shuffle asking $1453 for a 6700xt, 5600x and a B550 mobo just those 3 things... like wth...

Going to the 3080 would be another $300 and I don't feel that's worth it, unless maybe it is? I'm going to be doing a lot of 3440x1440 flight/space sims with this. Going with the 3070 would only save $50 and that is with the 550w PSU vs the 1000w. I feel the 6800xt build is by far the best bang for the buck unless I'm an idiot and should be going for the 3080...

Only thing I am waiting on is the possibility of being able to snag a 3070ti for retail on launch day somehow and save $850 or so because my Ryzen 5 3600 is still fine for 1440p.
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I was referring to cards that were slightly cut back from a higher end part, like in the past, the RTX2060 came in 2 variants. One was the base RTX2060 and RTX2060 Super, which was built using the TU106 chip, the other was known as the RTX2060KO or RTX2060 TU104, which was built using leftover, bad RTX2080/2070 chips that were able to be cut down to the same core count as the TU106 chip in the vanilla RTX2060. This change in chip design, even though the cores and everything were the same, the bigger chip (TU104) was found to be nearly identical in speed to the 2070S\2080 in production heavy workloads (blender and things like that).

This is what I was told was going to happen (not sure on is there will be extra performance benefits). It appears that the 3070Ti is going to be using the full GA104 chip that will range from the 3070Ti to the 3060Ti.

Also, the weaker, lower mid range and low end cards will be coming soon.

The majority of the bundle deals carry that mining tax. Why spend $1460 on a mid range CPU/GPU/Mobo combo when you could buy a complete ready to run out of the box system with at least the same specs or better for another $150 - $300. You will easily have that in a case, RAM, PSU, storage, cooling and OS key.

3080 is better at ray tracing. 6800xt is better or equal in most cases in traditional games. RTX kinda sucks. I've ran through a few games on my 2080Ti with it and some of the things it does is neat but nothing that will make you remember things like the first time you saw GL-Quake, OG Unreal or Crysis 1. Its a feature that is out of the bag now, much like the first 3d accelerators, it needs time to mature before it really hits its stride. If you are looking at a $300 difference in price between the 6800XT or RTX3080, assuming everything is the same, the 6800XT all day.
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Yes $300 difference with everything else identical. They are OEM cards but the digging around I have done on the 6800xt from Dell is that it meets or beats the reference specs and has a nice 3 fan cooling setup. Are extra ramsinks needed on that like the 3080?

I did also do some research on cooling for the Aurous case and it looks like you just need to replace the dell fans with good 120mm ones and add 2 to the AIO for the CPU to make it a push pull. So like another $50 of fans if that.

Then there is my Ryzen 5 3600... It has the 2 furies but I am really thinking I'd get way more money if I could snag a 3060 or 3060ti for retail and throw it in there. That is a killer setup for 1080p or even non UW 1440p.
So my daughter is getting one of the Ryzen machines with a Fury or 290 for right now. With my old LG 3440x1440 75hz ultrawide. She's gaming more and she basically stole my budget gaming laptop but its struggling for some stuff. I think she'd be fine with my old Ryzen 5 1600 and a 290 for now and then upgrade it to a 3060ti if/when I can get one. Or even a 3060. Not sure how much those cards will be able to push on a UW but, she's not playing AA A titles and a lot of the games coming out will have DLSS support so there is that. Fortnite already does...
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