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Alrighty then....So I've been working on getting all the materials ready to drop one hell of a trunkshaker into ma pony but I need some additional insight into what else I may need to ad in order to get this baby rockin!
For starters I got ahold of an Pyle Audio Eternal Series 4270 1600watt 4 channel amp and a Pyro Audio 2.5 Farad Capacitor w/wiring kit.I have a JVC KD-S670 single disk cd dash unit with rear line-out RCA ports (45wX4)but am not sure if it can hold up to this sort of beating(power-wise).I haven't bought my bandpass/subwoofer box yet.Though I'm pretty certain I will go with 12"ers because it's appropriate for that amount of juice.Guess my dilemma is....amp/cap.wiring ,using distribution blocks,and overall the best suitable way to (mount) this bassbomb!
I am pretty sure I will end up getting an Optima Yellow Deepcycle battery under the hood($169 w/ trade-in..OUCH!)but would be better than having to replace the alternator,right?About wiring....anyone have any ideas about wiring both an amp AND a farad cap.?Which would be better...a distribution block or direct wiring it to the battery?Doesn't leave much post room on the battery having both the car and the amp AND the cap all hooked to one post but I guess it might be possible?Also,isn't there additional grounding work that has to be done in order to make the set-up safe?I had also planned to hook the remote-on wire into a switchpanel either in the dash console OR in the armrest(depending on how many switches I expand to later on for other goodies)Above is what I got....if anyone has some concrete info to offer about how I can Git-R-Dun then please feel free to fill in the blanks!
Thank You all in advance,
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