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Elizabeth Nichole... Rember that name :D
It’ll be in Yerr history books in 30 years :)
Small town girl. That’s me!
Raised in the south, couldn’t be any better :)
Give ‘em something to talk about!
Don’t be scared! Follow Yerr dreams, They know where to take yew.
I just want a boy to show me
that their not all the same.
Give me that and i will be eternally
I gots a sister. I’m the Oldest; of coursee :)
(14’s the lucky number. 15’s coming, be ready]*
The best person ever! He helps me errey day!
He’s always been there and he always will be (Good and bad]*
He loves me without requirement*
Having god; in my Life is like eating (I HAVE too]*
He is love. Life. And happiness=]
I would choose a cross necklace over a cupcake anydayy :)
Keep it real :D
Ahhhh; I love horses!
We have three; Bulls eye, Hope, and Starr*
I fall up stairs every day, and trip over air ;)
It’s part of my life :D
I always have Taco Bell in my hand=)
I love Taco Bell <3
I Love love love my Phone!
(Voyagers rokk]*
Text it pleases! Ask for the number.
Be nice to everybody unless they Give you a reason not to!
Stand up for yourself!
I stand up for what I believe in;
Don’t like it
Too bad.
You’ll get over it :)
Brown hair (I dyed it too so shut up]*
Blue eyes*
Well… They change color,
Blue; Green; Hazel; Grey. Yeh... I know!
I’m not really short =*(
I was, But then I grew!
Awwe; Not cool! Lolz.
I love it if it’s Red!
I smile a lot; Its kind of like a hobby :D
When I’m 15…
I’ve got a red mustang with my name on it :)
(I love you Mommy]*
I love making people laugh!
And I do it a lot so Yayy! Lolz.
I am my own person and I’m totally unique :)
I can be sweet as a button one second
And & someone who would break Yerr neck the next :D
No need to worry!
Haha. J-k! You’d really have to tick me off!
Well… It would take so much more than
a paragraph or two to tell you all about my life so
if you wanna know more just
Holla at yah girl!
And &
I’m out*

Okay, So thats my about me off Myspace; And i was just wandering.. Would a girl like that come to you as a good girlfriend? I was just wandering Because i am tired of being taken advantage of and played.

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I think you highlight some good features about you, but the whole things just makes you sound like a flaky dumb girl. Not saying you are. Maybe try something a little more simple but still express your personality in it. You seem a little fruity lol, and by that I mean you just have some maturing to do which all comes with age and experiences. I'm sure your a wonderful girl though :)..You'll find a good guy for you, just don't be so trusting and vulnerable with guys as much then you won't get taken advantage of so often.

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Sorry.. didn't read any of that... I think when I say "Picture is worth a thousand words" ... a lot of the guys here would agree with me.. lol

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Hey you sound really sweet and everything. I would go for someone like you. But just so you know everyone on planet earth who has the internet can read what you wrote and some people are just plain creepy. Still just giving you cautionary advice. Oh and how can you not want cupcakes lol jk. Yes God truly is the best. I love him with all my heart, soul, and mind. If you want to add me go ahead. Anyways Yes some guys would like you for who you are.
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