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Would the 2004 mustang cup holder bezel fit my 1999 mustang?

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I am recently trying to modify my 1999 Mustang GT and noticed that from 2001-2004 they changed the style of the cup holder bezel and was wondering if i could replace the original to the newer 01-04
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It should. Go and see because im not positive. Add me as a contact, im a Mustang Geek. I have 7 in my driveway. V6s, GTs, Cobras, all kinds. After you add me tell me a little bit more about that car, E-mail me or if you have a youtube account send me a friend request at Yes that is my mustang on the background. And yes that's also My RX7. Here is a link straight to the cup holder section for a 1999 Mustang GT. Good luck!!!!
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