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Wrong gas

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My wife put 87 in my 94 gt amd the tune is for 93. Engine began sputtering almost like a misfire. Should I drain the tank or is it possible to treat the fuel?
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You could try adding some Boostane to the tank, but I wouldn’t play-around with this too long. As I’m sure you already know that detonation can destroy the engine. Stop driving it until you fix the problem.

If you can drain the tank safely into a clean container, you can use the fuel in something else with lower octane requirements.

If your engine is stock, and you have the ability to return it to a stock tune, that would also solve the issue. However, I have the feeling that might not be possible in your case, otherwise you would have mentioned it.

BoosTane has a mixing chart and a help line to determine proper mixing for desired octane. Maybe give them a call.
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Just add octane booster or acetone which will increase the octane as well.... start with 1/2 ounce per gallon.
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