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wrong speedo!

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:mad: ok, so i just picked up my car from the shop...i had 3.73s w/t-lok installed and i'm breaking them in before i race 'em. now i just need to recalibrate my speedo but what would be best: to get a new speedo gear or just get a chip? thanks for the help!
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1999+ requires a chip, or a SpeedCal (which can be purchased from Dallas Mustang)
1994-1998 needs a new speedo gear
or......i could have just said
well if its a 99 up manual buy a dallas speedcal from i have had one for over a year maybe nearly 2 and its been great, it is said to work on autos but not sure so ask them first. if not you will need a chip. for pre 99 you can only pop in a 23 tooth speedo gear and it still wont be right, if its a manual you can pop off the tial shaft and put a diff drive gear to match with teh speedo gear you choose and get a correct reading but not sure which gears you want to get.
:mad: i think for now i'm just gonna go with a new speedo gear for my '94 manual...thanks for the help.
it will still be off by like 7 mph
widowvirgin said:
:mad: i think for now i'm just gonna go with a new speedo gear for my '94 manual...thanks for the help.
I have one you need new 23 tooth speedo for $15 shipped
:mad: thanks but i already bought one...i think it was the red one...i gotta pick it up on wed.... i talked to gefracing and the guy told me that this gear would be the best one...(C40Z17271A).

and how would i fix that 7mph difference? that's still alot! i can't take my car to the dealership to have it recalibrated cause the speedo is gear driven.
chip or speedcal
:mad: i just ordered the speed cal. from dallas mustang today....i should get in about 5 days. thanks everyone for the help.
is it an auto or manual? not sure if it works for autos.... or pre 96s at least. its not hard to hook up pretty quick actually but i would not use the connector they offer for the all time power it kept comming lose on my car just use a sodering iron or something better than the little snap no connector they provide.
:mad: i have a manual and yes it will work for my '94 according to mike from dallas mustang. i asked him twice to make sure that it would work and he said "yes it would restore the speedo to 100%." the speedcal should arrive on saturday.
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