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X pipe in CA

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Does anyone have an aftermrket catted x pipe in California that was able to pass smog? I'm looking to get one but am wondering if it'll pass smog in CA with the strict emissions out here
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Yeah I heard some don't pass smog even with aftermarket cats on them.. I might as well put an off road x and change it two years from now since I'm smogging my car tomorrow
Ive thought about getting an o/r x pipe also, but its risky in CA with all these stupid laws. Speaking of x pipes, i got pulled over by CHP last night because my exhaust was "too loud." I don't even have an o/r mid pipe lol. First time thats ever happened
It's the end of the month, cops will get you for the littlest things to hit their monthly quotas haha.. But yeah just swap it out when it comes o smog it..

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Yea just swap out whenever you need to pass smog. That's what I did
That's what I plan on doing too since a catted one probably wouldn't pass smog here in Cali anyway.. Do the x pipes bolt right on or is there welding that needs to be done? I currently have Flowmaster 10s on my car so that setup would probably sounds amazing!
Do what I'm going to do, I'm going to get an O/R prochamber and bolt it on myself on jack stands and save the stock midpipe, that way in 2 years (my car was just smogged before I got it) I can just swap midpipes and be good for smog. You could do the same thing for the x pipe

Off topic, but OP are you going to the MM&FF car show at Sacramento Raceway on April 14th?
Yeah I have to smog my car soon and maybe after I'll get an o/r x for it.. But probably not.. I don't really go to those kind of things.. I just do local car meet ups and cruises
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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