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X pipe in CA

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Does anyone have an aftermrket catted x pipe in California that was able to pass smog? I'm looking to get one but am wondering if it'll pass smog in CA with the strict emissions out here
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Im in Cali (bay area) and my gt had a bassani catted x on it when I bought it. You have to smog a car in Cali when changing owners and my car passed just fine when I got it. I have heard they don't always pass though..
Ive thought about getting an o/r x pipe also, but its risky in CA with all these stupid laws. Speaking of x pipes, i got pulled over by CHP last night because my exhaust was "too loud." I don't even have an o/r mid pipe lol. First time thats ever happened
Man that sucks!!! CHP is a b****!!! Did they just give u a warning or what happened??
I was cruising at 70mph right in the drone range and the cop pulled me over saying my exhaust was way too loud. He looked under the car and saw 2 cats so I was good to go haha
Dam that's crazy!!! I'm hoping when I go o/r the resonators I plan on welding in can trick cops into thinking there cats! Haha.
Thats genius! That can probably work with some of these cops lol
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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